Clear signs on the reflective film should pay attention to the relevant matters


When you mark the reflective film, it is easy to clean if you stick a piece of scotch tape on the sticker's adhesive area and then stick it with clear tape. If not, we can wipe it with alcohol, but do not use detergent as this chemical may damage the car's film. We can also use the towel dipped in a small amount of chemical cleaning agent repeatedly wipe the car standard, which requires a certain degree of patience, absolutely can not directly to the glass cleaner on the oil.

If the paste car for a long time, we can use special cleaning fluid, such as bitumen remover, multi-functional cleaning agents, gently wipe with a towel, clear the finish, you can use the original adhesive area with soap and water many times , And finally dry with a dry towel, so that you can effectively protect the glass.

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