Reflective film in rural China market prospects


In recent years, reflective film has been further applied in agriculture, agricultural reflective film into people's attention. Fruit tree special reflective film such as citrus special reflective film is a good example of this reflective film, mainly to increase the illumination time and intensity, thereby increasing photosynthesis and improve the quality of citrus.

Agricultural reflective film is used for agricultural warming, fill light of new materials. This reflective film has a water-resistant, resistant to alkali, high reflectance, low cost, long life. After years of production tests show that: the use of reflective film in the production of vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and open-air orchards, can effectively save costs and increase income. Especially for winter low temperature, less sunshine Dapeng greenhouse, reflective film application can significantly increase the light time and intensity, increase room temperature, increase the temperature difference, can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products and increase production. When in use, pull a wire eastward and westward on the top of the north of the greenhouse. The double reflecting film is glued with a transparent adhesive tape to form a reflective screen in the middle seam, hanging vertically on the wire and the lower part hanging on the ground. In order to save the material, the lower part of the touchdown can be used to twist the old plastic film, and use the old film for both ends of the lining, and then insert the bamboo stick fixed to the surface.

In outdoor advertising, road signs and other fields, the application of reflective film has developed very well. In agriculture, its development has just begun, I believe that with the progress of science and technology, reflective film will continue to bring us unexpected surprises, Starlight reflective will also strive to improve themselves to keep up with the pace of the times to create a better Reflective film.

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