Reflective materials, five printing method to choose more clearly

新闻6.jpgWe often need to reflect on the reflective cloth, reflective film and other reflective materials for printing, as the five printing methods are different, according to the needs of printed materials with the appropriate printing methods, printed products can receive the desired results.


        Many texts, photos and pictures less, the opportunity to change the text and more, not a large number of printed matter - between hundreds or thousands of printed matter should be used typography. Print the number of letters should not exceed 30,000, fine-format electronic version should not exceed seven, eighty thousand. Indian pictures must use Flour to get the perfect network. So I can not use cheap paper to print pictures and hope to achieve beautiful results. With the letterpress version of the form, the intersection of lines easily detached separation, which is a common shortcoming. In addition, the printing pressure is too large or pressure cylinder surface is too soft will make the back of the printed sheet embossed bump, which will greatly reduce the quality of printed matter.

Offset printing

        Offset printing and letterpress printing biggest difference is that the letterpress printing screen version of the picture must use a smooth surface of the paper, offset printing is not the need, as long as the paper is not too rough. Printed version of the effect of soft than the letterpress, easily printed rounded dot.

Resin version or nylon version is another than the above several versions of more wear and tear of the plate, printed up to one million, can be said that the longest life in the plate. However, the method of using these plates has been slightly different from the ordinary offset printing method, that is, without using a wetting system, it is named "dry offset printing."

In general, the more pictures printed, the larger the picture area, the more appropriate offset printing and should not use typography. As mentioned above, with offset printing printed pictures better than typography, is based on the general color printing, four-color printing are used offset printing instead of typography.

Gravure printing

        Gravure printing is suitable for printing high quality and expensive publications, whether it is four-color or black and white pictures, gravure printing can be highly resembles photographic photographs. Due to expensive plate making, printing volume must be large, so in Hong Kong is one of the five types of printing at least one.

Screen printing

        As the screen printing ink is particularly thick, the most suitable for the special effects of the print, the number is not large and the ink needs a strong fit is particularly suitable. Can also be printed on the three-dimensional box, such as boxes, boxes, round bottles, cans and so on. India at the end of the paper can also be printed outside, plywood, plastic film, sheet metal, glass, etc., is commonly used to print pennants, T-shirts, tile boxes, bottles of water bottles, circuit boards. The above types of printing are all other printing methods can not.

Offset printing (rubber printing)

        Tape printing only applies to printing plastic bags, hand pumping, plastic packaging. Printed sheet printer is not a single input but the package, after the printing to be cut by Zhang. Printed point, the line is far less than the fineness of offset and offset printing, we can see offset printing can not be used to print books and journals.

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