Magical directional reflective material


        The usual traffic signs are painted lacquer, under the lights in the car, the maximum night can see the distance of not more than 100 meters, in order to see the traffic signs of the pattern will need to be within 50 meters. This is the current speed of 120 km above the car, just two or three seconds to flash over, it is easy to be ignored by the pilot, even if it is seen too late to take measures that led to a serious accident. Therefore, for a long time, people are committed to efficient reflective materials research, in order to create traffic signs to adapt to modern traffic requirements.

        The key to improving the visibility distance of traffic signs is to improve the performance of light reflected by traffic signage. If the direction of the vehicle headlight can be illuminated according to which direction the light is reflected from, then the driver can find the sign early. After many long-term efforts of researchers, finally developed into a directional reflective material. The microstructure of this material is an optical unit centered on a high-index glass bead that is tiled on a specularly reflective film (about 0.05 mm in diameter). When the light is shining on the reflective film, the light entering the glass bead is refracted and reaches the ball mirror when the reflective layer is reflected again, and then the glass ball is refracted by the human light in the direction of refraction, which forms a retrospective orientation reflection. It does not matter from which direction (no more than sixty degrees) the light is projected on the reflective film, which has such a reflective characteristic. From the direction of light to see the reflective film, it is like a light source like light. This is the magical place to go for reflective materials. If using this material to make a variety of signs, then when the light is shining, it will show a bright sign in the direction of shooting light, hundreds of times higher than the white paint or even a thousand times more. Under normal circumstances, the driver of a car uses a headlamp as a light source to see the reflection of the reflective material at a distance of 1000 meters; the pattern can be seen at a distance of 400 meters; even when driving on a motorway, the driver has ten A few seconds to make judgments and take measures to greatly reduce the car accident caused by misleading signs.

        Reflective materials are so popular in many fields that they are widely used as reflective materials. For example, making markings on vehicle plate numbers, bridges and tunnel populations, and sometimes on road piles on rugged mountain roads, or as demarcation marks for fast and slow lanes. Now, the International Maritime Rescue Organization has stipulated that life-saving appliances, life jackets, liferafts and other marine life-saving appliances, are affixed with reflective markers to facilitate the timely detection of life-saving targets at night. Practice has proved that this method is indeed very effective. For example, a 30 centimeter-long, 5-centimeter reflective film attached to a life raft can be found at a distance of 450 meters from a conventional aerial searchlight on the sea at night. The use of reflective fabrics made of reflective raincoats, reflective umbrellas, reflective clothing, etc., can greatly reduce pedestrian traffic accidents at night. Reflective fabrics can also be made into retroreflective screens, which are brightly lit and can even be displayed outdoors without direct sunlight during the daytime. Recently, some people have also introduced reflective materials into the field of art creation, advertising billboards, creating various patterns and creating a unique reflective painting. The wonderful effect of this painting in color, light and shade, etc. is that of any other painting Unmatched, giving a special feeling of beauty!

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