Reflective traffic signs, flashing little knowledge

Walking on every street, you can see traffic signs with reflective stripes everywhere. Many people have basically some understanding of traffic signs after taking a driver’s license, but the little knowledge inside is worth knowing.

Traffic signs, road facilities that use words or symbols to convey guidance, restrictions, warnings or instructions. There are many types of traffic signs, main signs and auxiliary signs; movable signs and fixed signs; illuminated signs, luminous signs and reflective signs; and variable information signs that reflect changes in the driving environment.

This knowledge has been acquired since ancient times. With the construction and development of urbanization in my country, the urban environment and beautification have become essential elements. There are more and more urban roads with all-round and full interchanges. At the same time, the possession of various vehicles The traffic boom is getting bigger and bigger. Increasing the setting of traffic signs, road traffic safety facilities, vehicle signs, and indicator signs is a very important part of traffic safety management. Traffic reflective signs contain reflective materials, and their bright colors play an obvious warning role in the daytime. At night or in the case of insufficient light, their bright reflective effects can effectively enhance people’s recognition ability, see the target clearly, and cause Be vigilant to avoid accidents, reduce casualties, and reduce economic losses, and become an indispensable security guard for road traffic, which has obvious social benefits.

The traffic police who direct traffic at intersections every day, the reflective vests they wear also have the same warning function as the reflective strips of the reflective signs, reminding us to pay attention to safety when traveling.

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