What is the role of reflective tape

Reflective tape

Reflective vests and vests should be a symbolic item for traffic police and sanitation workers in our impression, but with the improvement of people’s safety awareness, today’s reflective clothing is not only for police and sanitation workers. Reflective vests play a weak but not negligible role in industry and construction, ensuring the safety of numerous night construction and driving.

Police reflex vest.

Brief introduction to the role of reflective vest:

The reflective vest, reflective vest, and reflective belt of the reflective suit are made of high-energy reflective materials. If the light is low, ordinary clothes rarely reflect light, so it is invisible, but this reflective vest.

The special material above can reflect light to the greatest extent and can be seen from a distance. Reflex vests can make traffic police and police on duty smoothly at night or in special weather, reducing unnecessary casualties. In human production and life,

In particular, it plays a special role in safety protection in traffic engineering. The reflective vest is widely used in shipbuilding industry, steel industry, machinery industry, petroleum industry, ambulance, parking lot, airport, police and outdoor work and construction.

Good safety warning supplies.

The main types of reflective vests are polyester reflective vests, polyester fluorescent reflective vests, polyester high-gloss reflective vests, polyester pvc crystal reflective vests, polyester knitted reflective vests, polyester woven vests, and polyester fluorescent mesh crystal vests. , Polyester.

Fluorescent mesh high-bright vest, full polyester fluorescent mesh high-bright vest, full polyester fluorescent bird-eye vest.

The working principle of the reflective vest:

The reflective part of the reflective vest is made with the principle of micro-diamond refraction of the crystal lattice and the retro-reflective principle of glass beads with high refractive index, and advanced technology after focusing. It can reflect the distant direct light to the light-emitting place.

It has good reflective optical performance during day and night. Especially at night, it can exert such high energy during the day. Use safety clothing made of this high-energy reflective material, regardless of whether the wearer is at a distance or at a distance.

In the case of light and scattered light interference, it is easy to be found by night drivers. The problem of "seeing" and "seeing" driving at night was successfully solved.

Requirements for wearing reflective vests on site:

Construction personnel: equipped with yellow warning vests.

Manager: Equipped with orange warning vest.

Outsiders: equipped with a blue warning vest.

It can be seen that the principle of the reflective vest is not complicated, but its effect is very large. The editor-in-chief recommends that you wear a reflective vest when you go out to work at night to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

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