How to choose reflective material

Reflective materials have been widely used in our daily lives. For example, in traffic signs, reflective clothing for sanitation workers, etc., reflective vests are used as safety warning and protection equipment and are made of mesh cloth and ordinary plain cloth. . The key is the reflective material on the vest, which is a reflective lattice or reflective cloth of various brightness. The micro-diamond shape of the crystal lattice is used to produce refraction and the refraction effect of glass beads to form reflections.

The reflective fabric on the reflective vest is made by process, which can reflect the direct light from a distance back to the luminous place. Especially at night, the same visibility as during the day can be achieved. It is easy to be spotted by people driving vehicles in the dark at night. So how should consumers choose among so many reflective products on the market?

We must first ensure the quality of reflective materials. The reflective effect of reflective materials is the key to determining whether the vest can play a safety warning role. The brightness of the up-to-standard reflective cloth is above 330CPL, and it is washed more than 25 times, which can meet the requirements of the use of reflective clothing in daily life and work. Therefore, the reflective material should be selected with a certain quality assurance and produced by a regular manufacturer, so that the quality of the reflective material and the safety during use can be guaranteed.

Secondly, the best choice for reflective materials is to choose a manufacturer with a certain reputation. The so-called reputable manufacturer, in the simplest terms, is a guarantee of quality and service. Therefore, if you are not sure or do not understand the reflective material , It is best to choose a manufacturer with rich production experience, so as to be able to ensure their own consumer interests.

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